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Suzanne Grandt

Drive. Experience. Passion.

Suzanne Grandt is the Assistant General Counsel for the State Bar of California with an outstanding reputation for resolving complex legal issues and handling high-profile legal issues with efficiency and ease.

Suzanne has never shied away from a challenge and relishes overcoming obstacles to help others.


“My proactive thinking sets me apart. I find issues and I fix them.”

-Suzanne Grandt, on what separates her from her competition, professionally and personally.

Suzanne Grandt’s passionate drive and tireless work ethic separate her from her peers. She specializes in a broad range of topics, including administrative law, constitutional law, government ethics, contract law, statutory analysis, proposed legislation, and compliance analysis

Suzanne Grandt completed her BA in Political Science and Government at Boston University, where she remained to complete her law degree. After graduating at the top of her class, Suzanne began working for several large firms in New York City. She was responsible for various aspects of litigation, including pre-trial and cross-examination preparations.

After dedicating nearly six years to big law, Suzanne Grandt shifted gears to pursue a position in government as the Assistant Attorney General of New York. Here, she served as lead counsel drafting pleadings/motion papers, conducting agreements in court, handling document reviews, and negotiating discovery and settlements. Suzanne found great satisfaction working in this capacity, and when personal opportunities sent Suzanne to the west coast, she was eager to explore a similar legal landscape.

Not long after Suzanne Grandt moved to San Francisco, she began work as the Assistant General Counsel to the State Bar of California. From day one, Suzanne established herself as a natural leader and earned a reputation for solving complex problems and providing superior knowledge to the team at large.

Currently, Suzanne Grandt’s responsibilities straddle two main spheres. First, she provides in-house counsel and litigation for the State Bar. She’s handled cases in federal and state courts, bankruptcy courts, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Further, Suzanne provides legal advice to the State Bar’s governing board, executive team, and various committees.