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There are many components that comprise a solid law school application. One such element is a well-written and informative personal statement. To produce the best possible personal statement and earn your spot in law school, follow these tips.

Understanding The Importance Of A Personal Statement

Understanding the significance of this document is crucial. A personal statement is a brief autobiographical piece that informs law school admissions departments who you are and why you’re a viable candidate. When authoring the piece, you should explain what exactly has inspired you to pursue a career in law. The reasons included should not be generic banter admissions representatives have routinely heard, but words that demonstrate your passion for justice and the legal system. However, you have to have some backup to support your claims. This is where academic achievements and voice come into play.

Highlighting Academic Achievement

Naturally, a prospective candidate’s academic record plays a significant role in the admissions process. For this reason, the statement should highlight your relevant academic achievements, such as undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores. If these are included elsewhere in the application, bring up specific experiences you’ve had in the classroom that have challenged you and pushed you to become stronger. 

Display A Unique Personality

A burning desire to practice law and a high level of academic achievement are vital factors weighed by law school admissions departments. However, an interesting or unique background might increase a prospective candidate’s chances for success. Individuals with unusual experiences or intriguing stories often stand out. Don’t just throw these into your statement, though—explain why they’re relevant to your passion for law.

Extracurricular Activities

Admissions departments often look favorably upon prospective candidates who get involved with extracurricular activities. Participation in sports, clubs, and social organizations displays a well-roundedness that might tip the balance in your favor. Certain groups, such as speech and debate teams or academic leagues, demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and work well under pressure. These would be good traits to bring up to the admissions staff!

Knowledge Of The Particular School

The legal field requires a significant degree of research and knowledge of the subjects, laws, and issues pertinent to a specific case. So, specific admissions departments might use the personal statement as a means of gauging whether or not a student is capable of conducting that research. In your personal statement, it’s strongly encouraged to reference your familiarity with the institution. You could bring up a role model who graduated from that law school, or a specific networking or academic event you’re excited to try.