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Choosing the law school that is the right fit for you can be a daunting task. After all, where you earn your law degree from creates a lasting impression on both your future colleagues and clients.

There are more than 200 accredited law schools in the United States, and you should consider such things as location, size, cost and the school’s reputation when deciding where you will attend.

But, there are other things to consider as you narrow down your search for the perfect law school:

Make sure your career goals and what the school offers regarding curriculum and other opportunities are in sync. You should know what type of law you are interested in practicing and find the school with the best curriculum to match that.

Select a location where you will be both personally and academically happy. If you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a big city, consider a school located in an urban area. If small town life is more to your style, choose a school in a more quiet setting.

Be sure that the size of the school you select matches your lifestyle and gives you a sense of fitting in.

Be cautious when examining social rankings. Take into consideration the school’s specialties, where it rates regarding bar passage percentage, and the make-up of the student body.

School name and prestige will follow you throughout your legal career. The first question many lawyers get is, after all, “where did you go to school?” Many law firms filter out applicants based on where they attended school before they even look at resumes.

Of course, attending law school means you could be taking on debt. Carefully consider whether the cost of the school you are considering attending matches your long-term career goals and is realistic.

When you have taken all of the above into consideration, you can start applying to some places that are within your caliber, and you have a chance of getting into. In today’s society education is one of the most valuable resources, so make sure to allow time and care to this decision.