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When it comes to legal professions, there’s a broad range of diversity to explore. Just like there are many different kinds of doctors specializing in various types of medicine, the same is true for the law industry. Most professionals have a specific area of law in which they operate. It may surprise you how many areas of law there are and how many subsections exist within each. Here are just a few examples.

Civil vs. Criminal Law

When you think of stereotypical lawyers, you likely think of civil and criminal lawyers. Both lawyers deal with plaintiffs and defendants, but the two areas of law handled are vastly different. Civil lawyers deal with disputes between two individuals or entities, typically for areas of personal injury, minor traffic violations, zoning, and construction violations and property disputes. Criminal lawyers handle issues that relate to society as a whole, such as violent crimes and other issues that are covered by statutory laws.

Corporate Law

Corporate lawyers act as consultants on legal issues and can be responsible for managing a range of legal issues. Typically, corporate lawyers serve one corporation or organization to which they are employed, often working in-house.

Corporate lawyers lead efforts in representing lawsuits filed by the company. They regulate practices like collections to ensure that all efforts to collect are within the confines of applicable laws and regulations. Other corporate lawyers are tasked with interpreting and defending issues like intellectual property and copyright.

Family Law

Children’s protective services, alimony, child support, custody disputes, and domestic violence are among the most common of family law disciplines. Family attorneys are needed to facilitate things like finalizing adoptions and other issues that pertain specifically to minors and households. They also work closely with various social and mental health programs to help individuals and families work through many of life’s difficulties.

While divorce is the most commonly cited area of family law, some family lawyers specialize in one of the aforementioned areas. There are, of course, general family lawyers, but specializing can help lawyers better serve specific groups, whether those be victims of domestic abuse, children in need, or couples in need of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements.